La Badia di Tiglieto

La Badia di Tiglieto By the detour near Olbicella, on the road linking Tiglieto to Sassello (44°31'31.82"N - 8°36'27.87"E) one takes the path marked with a yellow mark with a horizontal stripe, which leads to an ancient romanic bridge with 5 arches representing the ancient access way to Badia di Tiglieto. At the end of the bridge there is a majestic sessile oak, also called 'Quercia di Napoleone' (Napoleon's oak), marked as a Ligurian monumental tree. Reservations required until Saturday at 12.00 am, tel. 393.9896251.

The Global Geopark Beigua is a UNESCO site

After the Palazzi dei Rolli and the historic center of Genoa, Portovenere and the Cinque Terre in the La Spezia also the Beigua Park, between Genoa and Savona, is recognized by UNESCO in the list of Global Geoparks. And this brings to three sites formally recognized by UNESCO in Liguria. On Tuesday, 17 November, the Plenary Assembly, representing 195 States, at the 38th General Conference which has just ended in Paris, approved the creation of a new category of UNESCO sites: the UNESCO World Geopark (UNESCO Global Geoparks). A list that includes 120 geoparks worldwide, distributed in 36 countries worldwide, including 69 in Europe and 10 in Italy. This prestigious list also appears the area of Beigua Park, territory protected by UNESCO for the extraordinary value of the geological heritage and the management tools applied in coordination with local governments.

Antola, 113 hiking on the trails between Scrivia, Trebbia and Oltrepò

A virtual journey to discover the "highlands" of Antola Park and the so-called Four Provinces in the company of Alessio Schiavi, co-author of the book CHAIN dell'Antola - 113 trips between Scrivia, Trebbia and Oltrepò mountains of the Four Provinces (A . Parodi - A. Schiavi, Ed. Parodi Editore). The presentation by projecting images of this important new publication dedicated to the trails dell'Antola, in collaboration with the Park Antola and full of photos, maps and insights on the territory, will be held Saturday, November 28 at 21:00 at the Busalla library "Bertha von Suttner" in Via Chiappa 1. The event is organized by the Pro Loco of Busalla in collaboration with the Municipality, the Group Escursionistico Busallese and the Park Authority. For information: 333.399.80.20


Changes to the path of the trails 15 and 17 AVML

These days the Association in collaboration with the Province of Savona Office Parks, the CAI section Finale Ligure and the Group Hikers Savonesi (FIE) is implementing a major change on stages 15 (Colle di Melogno - Colla di San Giacomo) and 17 (Colle di Cadibona - the Meugge): deletion of sections of AV carriageway and asphalt and marking of the new path of nature trails. From Colle del Melogno the High Street will cover a stretch of highlands (TA) to the Pian dei Corsi, from here he will rise to Bric Praboè and drop to Colle San Giacomo. The new route of stage 17 will pass through the beautiful Forest instead dell'Adelasia come near Cascina Miera (from a few days Guarded Refuge!) To return to the sleepers. These days we are to detect the new track, move poles and stakes and report the new location!


Rifugio Pian dei Corsi

The refuge is located in the hills of Finale Ligure, at about 850 meters above sea level. It is inside a forest nursery, surrounded by woods overlooking the sea and it can be reached on foot or by car. It has been recently renovated and now it consists with a big dining room, kitchen, two bathrooms (one of which is suitable for the disabled people) and a relaxation room on the ground floor, and 4 rooms with bunk beds (for a total of 30 seats) and 3 bathrooms on the first floor. Some hiking trails depart from the refuge to the neighbouring areas (Melogno Hill direction or Rialto direction). Moreover there are many trails both for bikers, that can use the paved road, both for lovers of downhill. In these areas is also widely practiced climbing

Closed path "Alpini route" from Gola Incisa to Prati del Toraggio

Please attention! Please we inform you that the Mayor of Pigna said closed path "Alpini route" from Gola Incisa to Prati del Toraggio. We will update you about the work on the trail.