115 ^ Feast of the Redeemer on Mount Saccarello

A history spanning over 100 years The statues of the Redeemer for the Jubilee of 1900 are twenty sculptures, built on many peaks of mountains Italian, at the end of the nineteenth century on the initiative of Pope Leo XIII. In Liguria, the Archbishop of Genoa Archbishop Tommaso Reggio of indications of Canon Joseph Triora Giauni chose Mount Saccarello. The inauguration of the statue took place on Sept. 15, 1901. Every year since then, the presence of the population of Argentina Valley and the territory of Imperia, is celebrated on the first Sunday of August the Mass with the participation of the Bishop. This year the Committee "Feast of the Redeemer Monte Saccarello" participates with the initiatives of the Italian Alpine Club that sponsors the "Oath of Fraternity Montanara" the stele and the "Concert in the Parks Ligurian". 3rd Ceremony at the stele of the Fraternity Montanara The meeting point of the Terre Brigasche between Liguria, Piedmont, Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur M., on the initiative of the Head Office of the CAI and the three municipalities in which it was divided in the last war the Municipality of Brigue, on August 2 2009 was inaugurated the stele and was signed the oath of fraternity Montanara prepared in four languages ​​(Brigasco, French, Italian and Latin). Every three years we celebrate the anniversary and the original parchment of the oath is assigned to one of three Common. This year is the turn of the municipality of Triora and then for the first time in Liguria. 6th Concert String Parks Ligurian Great music rises to the top. A concert of classical pieces by Vivaldi, Massenet, Paganini, Mozart, Brahms and Stelutis Alpinis - the mountain and beyond, will have as its stunning scenery Mount Saccarello, the stele and the Redeemer statue to over 2000 meters. Sound of the orchestra conducted by Maestro Michael Parks Ligurian Trenti with the participation, for the solo part, the Korean violinist Kang Woon Young.

The Enchanted Forest: fables in the Park ...

Under the full moon will travel the state forest region of Deiva (Redwing) with ears cocked to catch the mysterious sounds of the forest and its inhabitants, accompanied along the way by the evocative reading of tales of animals and elves. Meeting at 18 at entrance Deiva Forest Difficulty: Easy Dinner: Lunches Duration initiative: up to 23 hours approximately Cost initiative: € 10.00 Reservations required by Friday at 12 am, tel. 393.9896251

The 150 CAI with sections of Finale Ligure and Loano

For the 150th anniversary of the CAI, the section of Finale Ligure and Loano organize a series of initiatives in the area of Finale, with excursions to exhibitions and conferences. Here is the program of the event


Changes to the path of the trails 15 and 17 AVML

These days the Association in collaboration with the Province of Savona Office Parks, the CAI section Finale Ligure and the Group Hikers Savonesi (FIE) is implementing a major change on stages 15 (Colle di Melogno - Colla di San Giacomo) and 17 (Colle di Cadibona - the Meugge): deletion of sections of AV carriageway and asphalt and marking of the new path of nature trails. From Colle del Melogno the High Street will cover a stretch of highlands (TA) to the Pian dei Corsi, from here he will rise to Bric Praboè and drop to Colle San Giacomo. The new route of stage 17 will pass through the beautiful Forest instead dell'Adelasia come near Cascina Miera (from a few days Guarded Refuge!) To return to the sleepers. These days we are to detect the new track, move poles and stakes and report the new location!


Hut Monte Caucaso

In one of the prettiest spots of the Ligurian Apennines, the mountain community has realized the hiking shelters Fontanabuona Mount Caucaso, located on the ridge at about 1200 m above sea level, where you can enjoy a wide panorama of the Val Fontanabuona and the Gulf of Tigullio. The shelter has 12 beds and offers the possibility of refreshment. Among the many hiking trails nearby, is worth noting the ring of Mount Caucasus, which is not difficult and it takes three hours to walk. The refuge is part of the ecological network "Natura 2000"and, thanks to the natural beauty and geomorphology of the area, is included in one of the Sites of Community Interest. a forest road that connects Mount Caucasus with Barbagelata.

Closed path "Alpini route" from Gola Incisa to Prati del Toraggio

Please attention! Please we inform you that the Mayor of Pigna said closed path "Alpini route" from Gola Incisa to Prati del Toraggio. We will update you about the work on the trail.