The volunteers of CAI and FIE on Alta Via to check the trail

The volunteers of the sections CAI and associations FIE began to walk along the paths of to check the Alta Via cleaning and restoration trail on the trails. If you also want to give your contribution send messages to

Reopening Parco Antola Mountain Hut

Outdoor the Antola Hut From Saturday, March 31, the Parco Antola Hut will be open every day for those who wish to reach the Mount Antola: spend a day along the many scenic trails that lead to the summit, which are recounted on our site in Routes section (; to be with friends to sample the Ligurian cuisine or simply spend a relaxing weekend enjoying the sun on the terraces overlooking the valley and Brugneto on the lake. Giorgio, Federico Silvia and the whole company at an altitude of 1460 m waiting for you.!

Course BLS-D and first aid in the mountains

The two-day meeting is aimed at capturing the knowledge of how to act in emergency situations in a mountain environment, to help an injured and groped to save a life. The course, with final certification Italian Resuscitation Council, is aimed at all those who attend the Apennines and in particular to instructors and leaders CAI, FIE, Associations, Parks, PA operators, law enforcement, hikers in general. Registration required. Information: - 348.49.23.702 http://www.parcoantola.i/dettaglio.php?id=25199 avvisi/96-blsd.html


Alta Via I've been there! Shots and travel stories

Dedicated to all walkers who have walked the High Street: adventure, exploration or discovery of a path between sea and sky! If you want to share your photos, your emotions and your advice please send your story to



Cugnobello The B & B is surrounded by tranquil forests of chestnut, ideal for those looking for and appreciates the peace and contact with nature. It offers, in a renovated green building, four beds, a sitting area with a fireplace where you can relax, read or chat, large outdoor area. E 'reachable from Torriglia a 15 minute drive and is connected to the route of the High Street by a dirt road driveway of 2.5 km, which leads to the saddle Giassina. Contact: Cell +39 339 3083317; email


The service of information about the practicability of the routes has been activated in order to report eventual problems found along the hiking paths (interruptions, maintenance works, and temporary prohibitions). The service is managed in cooperation with the High Way Service Centres, who avail themselves of the information about the path network of the CAI and FIE sections who mark and take care of the paths under their competence. A commitment to offer safety to hikers, to know and protect the mountain territory of Liguria. You too can help the High Way maintaining the path web in efficiency; if you find any problems on the paths you can report them, by filling in the special form on this page and sending it via e-mail to the Centro Servizi Alta Via which is responsible for the area or to the following address: Go to Practicability