"Autism on the way" the High Way of the Ligurian Mountains

From Thursday, September 11, a group of autistic children, accompanied by parents and volunteers, they follow different steps of the High Street, from Genoa to Ceparana (La Spezia). The promoters of the initiative are the ANGSA of La Spezia (National Association of Parents Autistic Subjects), the ANGSA Liguria and the Liguria Asperger Group. The initiative will last eleven days, during which the boys will have to go through every day one or two stages of the Alta Via, surrounded by a wild and unspoiled, where the peace of nature accompany all regenerating into a new dimension, in which to find the right balance and have substantial input of adaptation and integration.

Relay Race

The CAI ULE section of Genoa for the 100th anniversary of the foundation is organizing a relay race the High Way of the Ligurian Mountains: from September 1, in 39 days, 220 hours of journey, for a length of 810 km, the pennant centennial will cover the High away from Ventimiglia to Ceparana! The Relay commemorates the Union Ligurian Hikers, promoting its image within the Sections and Subsections CAI active in Liguria and among citizens. The partners are committed to follow the steps today will walk the stretch from the Colle di to Colle del Prione!

Outdoor in Liguria is ...

Why come in Liguria to be alone on the beach? Hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, snorkeling and diving, kayaking, surfing, rock climbing, orienteering, Nordic walking, snowshoeing, and many other activities to explore un'entroterra unique, rich woods, cliffs and mountains overlooking the sea! Download here the brochure online to find another Liguria!


Alta Via I've been there! Shots and travel stories

Dedicated to all walkers who have walked the High Street: adventure, exploration or discovery of a path between sea and sky! If you want to share your photos, your emotions and your advice please send your story to


Sciverna Hut

Sciverna Alessandra, Massimo and Roberto of the “Associazione di Promozione Sociale” “Cascina Granbego” are part of Arci ( They have maintained the Refuge Hiking trail “La Sciverna” since July 2014.The ancient name Sciverna, “to keep in store during the winter” indicates the value of the land in terms of the care that it provides in difficult times like the current one. Due to its organic nature, Cascina Granbego, with this new management, will return to the ancient places their original names and allocate the space of the “La Sciverna” Refuge to the development of their ideas of freedom, caring for others and the preservation of the ambience and tradition, but with a view to address the future.

Closed path "Alpini route" from Gola Incisa to Fontana Italo

Please attention! Please note that the work on the trail will begin July 14, 2014 Please we inform you that the Mayor of Pigna said closed path "Alpini route" from Gola Incisa to Fontana Italo. We will update you about the work on the trail.