"Festa della Cucina Bianca (White Kitchen Night)"

Saturday, August 22nd, from 19 until late night, the little town of Mendatica (IM) will host in its magical courtyards and narrow streets of its charming old town the traditional "Festa della Cucina Bianca (White Kitchen Night): a gastronomic journey to discover the specialties of the ancient alpine tradition that offers the opportunity to taste all the flavors of a food culture for centuries linked to the harsh pastoral life. Starchy foods, dairy products, vegetables such as potatoes, turnips, leeks and garlic thus become the protagonists of an evening dedicated to the memory of a heritage that only thanks to the will of the City, the Pro Loco and the entire population still manages to remain intact, repurposed each year within a wandering where on each corner offers a different traditional dish prepared by Mendatica's inhabitants: pan fritu, streppa and caccialà, turle, turta de patate, friscio de mei and many other specialties prepared by "mendaighini" side by side with the dishes of other villages of the White Kitchen Road, as rajore from Cosio, the Montegrosso Raviore, polenta gianca from Ormea and gran pistau of Buggio (Pigna). Rates: € 20.00 for the full ticket, € 2.00 for single tasting. NO PRESALE. Info: 0183 38489 - 338 3045512 - -

50th Anniversary of the laying of the Cross of Monte Carmo

On 6 September, CAI sections of the province of Savona will meet on the summit overlooking Loano and Finale, the highest mountain of the province, during the celebrations for the fiftieth anniversary of the laying of the cross current. It may not rise accompanied by different routes. These times and departure points. From 7.30 to 8.30 meeting at the parking lot of the Chestnut, at the end of the road Loano - Castagnabanca. From 8.30 to 9.30 from the yoke of Giustenice, accessible by dirt road from Pietra Ligure - Giustenice or Bardineto. At 11:30 am there will be a short ceremony with greetings from the authorities and mass. Lunch will be packed. For non-members, and CAI 'mandatory Reservations can be made by the Friday before the excursion (347.75.56.157); do not allow the participation of non-members uninsured. Participants must enter the start equipped with proper footwear and suitable clothing to possible sudden weather changes in mountain environments; the trip leader will not allow those who have the necessary requirements. We wait on the Carmo!

Attention danger to forest fires

State of grave danger for the forest fires currently in force throughout the region , is also prohibited , in all forests , meadows , pastures , cultivated fields , vineyards , chestnut groves , and in every other part of the territory in the vicinity forest where there may be danger of fire , light fires , to shine mines , use open flame devices or electrical metal-cutting , use engines , burners or incinerators that produce sparks or embers , smoke or perform any other operation that can still create danger fire . You can light fires in areas suitably equipped for tourism and recreation , only if they have specific fixed structures. In case of fire, just call 800 807 047 or 1515


Changes to the path of the trails 15 and 17 AVML

These days the Association in collaboration with the Province of Savona Office Parks, the CAI section Finale Ligure and the Group Hikers Savonesi (FIE) is implementing a major change on stages 15 (Colle di Melogno - Colla di San Giacomo) and 17 (Colle di Cadibona - the Meugge): deletion of sections of AV carriageway and asphalt and marking of the new path of nature trails. From Colle del Melogno the High Street will cover a stretch of highlands (TA) to the Pian dei Corsi, from here he will rise to Bric Praboè and drop to Colle San Giacomo. The new route of stage 17 will pass through the beautiful Forest instead dell'Adelasia come near Cascina Miera (from a few days Guarded Refuge!) To return to the sleepers. These days we are to detect the new track, move poles and stakes and report the new location!


Sciverna Hut

Sciverna Alessandra, Massimo and Roberto of the “Associazione di Promozione Sociale” “Cascina Granbego” are part of Arci ( They have maintained the Refuge Hiking trail “La Sciverna” since July 2014.The ancient name Sciverna, “to keep in store during the winter” indicates the value of the land in terms of the care that it provides in difficult times like the current one. Due to its organic nature, Cascina Granbego, with this new management, will return to the ancient places their original names and allocate the space of the “La Sciverna” Refuge to the development of their ideas of freedom, caring for others and the preservation of the ambience and tradition, but with a view to address the future.

Closed path "Alpini route" from Gola Incisa to Prati del Toraggio

Please attention! Please we inform you that the Mayor of Pigna said closed path "Alpini route" from Gola Incisa to Prati del Toraggio. We will update you about the work on the trail.